What is the difference between the Lake Panorama Association and the City of Panora?

The Lake Panorama Association (LPA) is a separate entity from the City of Panora. Although Lake Panorama and Panora are good neighbors, the two entities are separate and distinct. LPA and the City of Panora have separate utilities, maintenance teams, and administrative staff to handle their respective operations.

For questions on LPA road repair, the potable water system, building regulations or anything else related to property within the LPA boundaries, contact the LPA office, not the City of Panora. LPA appreciates its cooperative relationship with the City of Panora, as well as relationships with local utility providers. Mid-American Energy, Guthrie County REC, and Panora Telco should be contacted separately for any coordination items related to these companies.

What is Lake Panorama, and how is it governed?

Lake Panorama is Iowa’s largest private lake development, created when a dam was built with state approval in 1970 on the Middle Raccoon River. It is located in an unincorporated area north of the town of Panora. It is governed by the Lake Panorama Association (LPA), which was formed in 1968 by property owners. The LPA office is located at 5006 Panorama Drive. An elected seven-member board of directors provides guidance to LPA staff.

How does a person become an LPA member?

The first step is to purchase property within the Lake Panorama development. There is a membership application form the property owner will complete at the time of purchase.

I’d like to buy property at the lake. Who should I talk to?

LPA does not endorse or recommend any real estate company. There are several local realtors in the area. Please call the office for a list of realtors.

What LPA governing documents are in place?

There are a number of LPA governing documents and rules that relate to both visitors and property owners. Use our Documents tab to learn more.

How is the LPA financed?

As part of the annual budgeting process, the LPA board of directors establishes a schedule of property assessments. These assessments are set for eight classes of property that range from a waterfront lot with a house to what is known as a “C” lot, which does not have either a lake or golf course view. In addition, annual fees are charged for camping and watercraft stickers.

As a visitor, can I use my boat or a non-motorized vessel such as a kayak or paddleboard on Lake Panorama?

Guests of an LPA member or someone renting at Lake Panorama National Resort can apply for a guest pass to boat on Lake Panorama. Before applying, review “Boating Regulations” under the Documents tab above, plus the “LPA Water Safety Video” under the Helpful Links tab. If you’re going to be a guest of a member, work with that person to complete the necessary forms required by the LPA. If you’ll be staying at the Lake Panorama National Resort, contact the LPN for that form to apply for a permit.

What other amenities at Lake Panorama are available to visitors?

Lake Panorama has three beaches. All have a roped-in area for swimming, beach volleyball, boat docks, restrooms, playground equipment, benches, grills, picnic tables and shelters. The shelters can be reserved by LPA members. If a shelter is not reserved, it is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Boulder Beach is on the east side of the lake, and includes sports courts that offer basketball, tennis and pickleball. Shady Beach is on the west side of the lake. It is the smallest of the three beaches, but offers the most shade and is generally less crowded. Sunset Beach also is on the west side of the lake. It features a large destination playground, and open area for recreational games.

Lake Panorama owns two golf courses, both operated by the LPN, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LPA. Both courses are open to the public, both for daily play and annual members.

On the east side, the par-72 Lake Panorama National course offers 18 holes with a variety of yardages to accommodate any player. The pro shop is located in the lower level of the LPN Resort Conference Center, and best reached from the west parking lot. Enter the conference center from the east parking lot, and you’ll find the Links Restaurant & Lounge. A banquet room can accommodate 350 guests, and several lodging options are available nearby. There is a swimming pool at the conference center, available for a daily fee or with an annual membership. A snack shop and restroom facility called Spikes is located between the 1st and 10th tees.

Panorama West is on the west side of the lake. This par-3 course with optional par-4 tees is in fantastic condition, thanks to an estate gift that allowed major renovations to be completed in 2018. Play is first-come, first-served, except on weekends and holidays when tee times are recommended. Rental carts are available, and pull carts are available at no charge. Snack items and cold drinks can be purchased inside the pro shop. For more information, check the Lake Panorama National website.

If I want to build on my lot at Lake Panorama, what should my first steps be?

It is always good to call the office for guidance on any projects taking place on your property. Please look through LPA’s Building Codes. Two different types of permits may be required, either a Land Disturbing Permit, or a Building Permit. See the Building Codes for requirements for each.

What is the Rural Improvement Zone?

Click this link to learn more about the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ).

What are the rental rules for Lake Panorama?

Members may rent their home, but must register their home with the LPA office and follow LPA rules regarding rental registration, time periods, etc. See “Home Rental Rules” under the Documents tab above for more information, plus a registration form that must be completed by both homeowners and renters and submitted to the LPA office.