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Master Plan
2013 Master Plan Documents

In 2012 & 2013 the LPA Board utilized the Services of RDG Planning & Design in assisting the Board in developing a Master Plan to guide the priorities of the Association over the next few years. The four primary documents of the Master Planning Process follow.

The executive summary and master plan is the basic guide for the future planning for the LPA.

RDG's report to the Board follows the master plan and outlines the process used to attain the master plan document.

RDG also assisted the Board and staff in developing a member survey completed by almost 500 respondents. The basic results of that survey are in the survey document.

In 2012 General Manager John Rutledge completed a study of the status of erosion control (primarily dredging) for the LPA and that report is the fourth item in the Master Plan documents list.

Click the following titles to download the documents:

Executive Summary & Master Plan

RDG Master Plan is divided into 3 parts due to file size:

RDG Master Plan Part 1

RDG Master Plan Part 2

RDG Master Plan Part 3

LPA Futures Survey Results

2012 Erosion Report

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